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Mallory O'Neal
Competition Director

Mallory O'Neal
Competition Director

Michele O'Neal
Ballet Mistress

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Mallory's illustrious dance journey commenced at the tender age of three, demonstrating an innate passion and remarkable talent. Her early years were graced by invaluable tutelage under the esteemed Cincinnati Ballet, as well as various distinguished studios, where her ardor for jazz and contemporary dance was ignited.

Fueling her unwavering dedication, Mallory embarked on an extraordinary venture, captivating audiences at  La Comedia Dinner Theatre. Driven by an insatiable thirst for excellence, she relocated to the radiant realm of Los Angeles, embarking upon an ambitious quest to forge a profound professional career in the realms of both acting and dance.

Immersing herself in the bustling artistic tapestry of Los Angeles, Mallory eagerly absorbed knowledge from an array of venerable mentors, delving into diverse dance styles that now serve as a wellspring of inspiration for her students. Her resplendent talent and versatility caught the discerning eyes of Central Casting of L.A., earning her coveted roles as a featured extra in multiple captivating television shows.

Determined to refine her skillset further, Mallory returned to her roots in Ohio and obtained a certificate as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Undeterred by the ceaseless pursuit of excellence, she continues to astound and educate through her awe-inspiring choreography, leading competition groups and crafting mesmerizing solo dances that have earned her prestigious national titles.

Michele's remarkable dance journey started at the age of three, unveiling a lifelong dedication to her craft. Her early years were enriched by immersive training at esteemed establishments, including Dotties Dance Studio in Newark, Delaware, the acclaimed Bill Graham Dance Studio, and the prestigious Kim Massey School of Dance in Edmond, Oklahoma. During her high school years, Michele's passion for dance found a nurturing haven at the renowned Academy of Dance Arts in Middletown, Ohio.

As she pursued her college education, she continued to cultivate her skills through ongoing classes and as a member of a local clogging group. It was after completing her college journey that Michele's path took a turn, as she embarked on a transformative mentorship under the tutelage of Phyllis DeWeese, the esteemed owner, and director of the Academy of Dance Arts. It was during this enlightening period that Michele discovered her profound love for imparting the art of dance, igniting her passion for teaching.

As Mrs. DeWeese began her well-deserved retirement, Michele seamlessly assumed the mantle, gradually assuming responsibility for her revered mentor's classes. With an illustrious teaching career spanning over two decades, Michele has guided and nurtured aspiring dancers, preparing them for esteemed ballet competitions and captivating dance competitions. Teaching dance, particularly the enchanting discipline of ballet, has become a cherished fulfillment of Michele's dreams, a calling that fills her with profound joy and gratitude.

Michele's journey stands as a testament to her unwavering perseverance, unyielding dedication, and pursuit of excellence. Teaching dance, especially ballet, remains a dream come true for Michele, fueling her ongoing passion and purpose.


Faith Bloomstan
Guest teacher and choreographer 

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Meet Faith Bloomstran, a remarkable rising senior at Butler University, pursuing a dual major in International Business and Arts Administration, with a specialization in dance. Hailing from Dayton, Ohio and currently residing in Kennesaw, Georgia, Faith's journey in dance began at the tender age of three.

At the age of 8, Faith embarked on her ballet training at International Ballet Academy. Later, she joined the prestigious International City School of Ballet's pre-professional institute program, studying under the guidance of esteemed mentors Georné Aucoin and Musasi Alvarez. During her time at ICSB, Faith showcased her talent and artistry at renowned events including YAGP regionals and finals, Universal Ballet Competition, ADC-IBC, and IB Stage Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Faith's dedication and skill were recognized at ADC-IBC 2019 when she received the coveted ADC Grand Prix Award in the Senior Age Category. She mesmerized audiences with her captivating contemporary solo and led the cast in Mimmo Miccoli's guest piece, Confetti. At the Universal Ballet Competition, Faith not only received the prestigious 2018 Aspire Award but also had the honor of performing in the UBC 5th anniversary gala. Additionally, she earned the esteemed UBC Legacy Award twice. Faith's talent shone on the international stage as well, securing a remarkable 2nd place overall at the IB Stage Grand Prix in Barcelona, Senior Age Category.

Faith's talents were further recognized when she was invited by YAGP to perform as a guest artist at the Festival De Danza at YAGP, Mexico, where she showcased her captivating contemporary solo. She has had the privilege of performing in numerous pieces choreographed by acclaimed guest artists, including Jennifer Archibald, Justin Allen, Mimmo Miccoli, Ricardo Hartley, and Krista-King Doherty.

Even as Faith pursues her studies at Butler University, she remains devoted to her dancing career. She aims to specialize in teaching ballet and contemporary, continuing to inspire others with her passion and artistry.

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